Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oldest Electric Service I Have Ever Seen

Working at 19th century mansion in Martinsburg, WV, I saw this old electric service.  This is the oldest one, I have ever seen, and it is still in use.

The service has a finished wood case with a glass door.  It looks very cool.

Unlike a modern electric service, which is usually hidden somewhere, this service is meant to be seen.  It is conspicuously located in the entry hall.  When this was installed, it must have been a prestigious thing to have electricity.

This is a 40 amp service.  Each circuit has a 5 amp fuse, curiously on both the hot and neutral wire, with a double knife switch.  Typical of old electric services, there is no provision for a ground.

We joked about tying-in to the service.  We could have powered a few practicals.  Maybe.

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