Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LED Ribbon Light Kit

My LED ribbon light kit is coming along.  I used it gaffing on a Steven David Productions show in September, "American Speed", a mini-series about NASCAR.

Some components of my LED kit

 I love LED ribbon.  It is so easy to quickly add a little light in a small place.

My kit has been a work in progress.  I started over a year ago.  My motivation was a couple jobs using LED ribbon that did not go a quickly or trouble-free as I would like.  I was using LiteGear ribbon.  The biggest problems I found are unreliable and time-consuming-to-use connectors.

Any lighting gear that isn't quick and trouble-free, make me, the gaffer, look bad.

My kit is 24 volt bi-color ribbon.  I use simple electric connectors which just push together.  I put together my own dimmers; 2-channel PWM dimmers.  I also put together a couple 12 to 24 VDC transformers for car use, which plug into a lighter outlet.

 This scene is almost completely lit with LED ribbon:

iPhone picture of a monitor

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